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Where concrete and Carrara meet... The Coastal Symphony at the Steel Blue Crib, Sunrise Bay, Dubai Harbour.

Steel Blue Crib in Dubai Harbour
DTD | D'Ora Tokai Designs 
Sunrise Bay, Dubai Harbour, Dubai, UAE


Nestled in Sunrise Bay, Dubai Harbour, the Steel Blue Crib invites you on a journey of tranquillity inspired by the ocean's whispers. Discover a coastal sanctuary where custom-made steel blue wavy chenille furniture echoes the rhythmic waves, while Carrara marble accents glisten like sunlit waters. Handcrafted concrete tables with tinted glass tops add a touch of modernity, harmonizing with the vintage charm of the 70's Groovy chair.

Step into a story of serenity and elegance, where each piece narrates a tale of thoughtful design and comfort. Immerse yourself in this sea-inspired retreat, a haven of sophistication amidst the lively ambiance of Dubai Marina.

Artworks and concrete tables by Dubai Custom ArtWorks

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