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Design Philosophy

It's always a pleasure learning about the person and families I'm designing for. I challenge myself to create spaces that are not only functional and comfortable but reflect one's style and evoke an emotional response. 

I seek design integrity using raw materials and textures for instance wood, concrete, leather and natural fabrics such as cottons and linens. Being eco conscious and quality driven, I avoid the use of plastics. 

Those who are looking to rent or sell their property should not underestimate the value and power of a well design interior. It is key to stand out in today's competitive property market.I enjoy the challenge of maximising a property's potential while staying within budget.


Styling & Staging

Strategically placed accessories will elevate the space and maximize its potential. 

Styling and staging a property for sale or rent will improve both its value and chances. 

There's tremendous opportunity in rethinking spaces and reorganizing them spatially.


For instance often walls can be removed to open up spaces and decorative spacial elements such as crown moldings can be added to create spacial interest. 

Designing a space entails bringing together all design elements from spatial design to furniture, home decor and arts to tell a story. 


Telling a story about functionality, comfort and most importantly the people and pets that live inside the property. 

Furniture Design

Comfort and aesthetics are not to be underestimated. Sometimes it takes that custom made piece to complete the space and bring happiness and pride to its users. 

Spatial planning

Interior Design


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